Is it better to be blind

It is better to be blind, and know you are blind than to be blind and think you have 20/20 vision. There are a small number of questions that blind people seem to get asked can blind people hear better than sighted bbc health news bbc news navigation. Being deaf is better than blind being blind would mean, you couldn't do simple tasks without help but if i was deaf at least i could still have independence if you.

is it better to be blind

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It is better to be blind than to see things from only one point of view more indian proverbs: if you forsake a certainty and depend on an uncertainty, you will lose both the certainty and the uncertainty.

Under no circumstances am i trying to say that being blind is ‘better’ than being deaf it isn’t both disabilities are devastating to the child and the family.

  • However, when you are blind, there is not much of the world for one to enjoy, unless the person is extremely optimistic a blind person can hear people talking, can hear and feel fire, can hear someone discussing one's beauty etc however, a blind person cannot see people talking, cannot see fire, and cannot see that person's beauty.
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What is it like to be blind when i misplace something for the umpteenth time, i find myself berating myself for not being better at being blind. It really depends, but it would be bad to be either if you are blind, you can' see you have to have some one read to you and you need to be able to recognize people's voices instead of their faces it can be hard to learn too same with being deaf and it would be hard to understand people.

is it better to be blind is it better to be blind
Is it better to be blind
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